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Icon Coloring Tutorial
Thursday, November 25, 20104:47 AM
Icon Coloring Tutorial
from this
First step:
choose any picture and crop to your liking.
Second step:
Open channel mixer.
Layer-New adjustment layer-Channel mixer
Red:red +146 Green:-58 Blue:0
Green:Red:-4 Green:+108 Blue:-6
Blue:Red:-8 Green:+6 Blue: +100

Third step:
Add a new fill layer
Layer- New fill layer-Solid Color
add with solid color #030528.Set to exclusion.

Fourth step:
Add selective coloring.
Layer-New adjustment layer-selective coloring

Fifth step:
Add another selective coloring
Layer-new adjustment coloring
And you're finished !

we are back !
Wednesday, November 24, 201010:24 PM
We are happy to announced that we are
back again.The last challenge were cancelled because
of lack participants.We decided to cancelled.We
are now back with more tutorials and resources :)
challenges ;)
Monday, August 16, 20101:58 AM
Yipee ! Superlyadorkable had it's first challenge :) Isn't it fun?
I've been always wanted to do a site challenge.We'll start with
simple challenge.Please send all challenges to gracetory@hotmail.com
with the subject"challenge".Send it by 1 September.

Prizes :
First place : icon/banner/poster/cc/header/wallpaper request (can choose any of it.)
Second place : poster/cc/icon/banner request (can choose any of it)
Third place :  icon/banner/header request (can choose any of it)

First Challenge :
icon coloring challenge.display your finest icon coloring to me.

KimBumfied !
Pictures : 001 002 003  004


Gorjessica !
Pictures : 001 002 003 004

Second Challenge :
answer the easy question.Send your answers at gracetory@hotmail.com with the subject "challenge"Winners will be consider as the fastest entries will get the first prize.

Name :
Email :
#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -

toktoktok ;)
Sunday, August 15, 201011:29 PM
New affies update !
7:45 AM

poster/cc batch 01 ;
7:03 AM
Superlyadorkable is back !
6:40 AM
We are grateful to announce that we are back
on the track again.After all the hiatus,we are back
with new updates and graphics.Please stay tuned !